Re: Bog Iron: I had a dream

From: Steve Honey <drfegg_at_...>
Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 21:13:47 -0000

It's not natural. It's from a spark from a *big* fight. Iron doesn't occur much naturally. It's found as ore...and bog iron of course :)

>Another possible problem is how real is the
> distinction between plants and elves. If iron is poison to elves
> it also poison to plants? Is iron poison to all darkness creatures
> or just Uz?

It's only a problem if we allow it to be. As far as I can make out iron has no other effects on Shades etc only Uz. Pavis Half Elven had no problem wielding iron weapons or armour so from that I guess plants and iron can mix. My Gloranthan Beastary book has been *tided* by the wife but I cannot recall iron having any effect on Runners but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm wrong.
> It occurs to me that the source here could also be a meteorite of
> iron fallen from the skies. A relic of some old war in the sky.
> Maybe that's enough possible explanations though.

An iron core meteorite weighing in at a ton or two slapping into the mountain? Would make a large lake not a bog. Relic of an old war yes. I like the idea of a spark, to me it has the right *feel* to it. Putting on my Orlanthi hat (helm?) the idea of a spark hitting Glorantha can do *that* gives me that sense of awe. But like I said don't let facts get into the way of a good story. Bacofi clansmen think it was a spark, Whitewall residents think it was a meteorite, Drulz talk of Flatbeak the hero whose metal wings didn't quite work...


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