Re: Issaries publishing policy and the Whitewall wiki

From: donald_at_...
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 23:57:01 GMT

In message <d1mcfd+iu0s_at_...> "Charles Corrigan" writes:
>Issaries have a new publishing policy at
>I suggest that we leave the discussion of the status and terms of
>the policy to
>RPG/messages or to the Digest glorantha_at_...

>I think that we are OK on the map(s) as, IMO, our maps/diagrams/etc.
>are so micro, it cannot be considered as derivative of any existing

I thought there were some maps of the area around WW but on checking I find they're in the files section of this group under Locations. Files are Whitewall-1618.jpg , Whitewall-1619-21.jpg and Whitewall-1618-modified.JPG . I presume the policy applies to these.

Donald Oddy

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