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>Has anyone done any work on what would be left after Whitewall after
>it's fallen? I'm considering it as a scenario location in around 1624-
>1625 - a possible rebel hide-out.
>What would be left physically?

There's going to be a fair bit of destruction if only by the attackers venting their frustrations over the lack of defenders. So I'd expect it to have been burnt out at least. There's the hole in the wall where the Bat crashed into it and the ramps raised should still be there.

It really depends how far Tatius decides he needs to demolish the walls and major buildings. Seven meteors destroyed major parts of the city including the Temple of Orlanth. At the extreme he could decide to level the city, it has no economic significance and he's made it magically important to his enemies.


Bits and pieces I expect, the main defensive magics will have been broken but there are bound to have been bits missed. There'll also be all sorts of spirits of the dead - both Lunar and Orlanthi. The hundreds who died raising the ramps will surely be haunting the place. Then there's the weak point linking to the Shargashi hell, disturb the wrong thing there and it'll open again.

>Would the destruction have
>damaged Helamakt's control over the Sea again, leading to flooding
>like we had during the Bat-blat?

This is an interesting idea, I don't think we ever decided what the actual Helamakt link to the city was. If this link is badly damaged it's not going to just happen once but repeatedly - say every time the tide comes in. So we have a mountain with the sea flooding out a couple of times a day.

This is a hideout for some duck adventurers isn't it?

>Word of warning, bearing in mind "concept use" and copyright issues,
>the whole point of this would be to go straight into an Issaries
>publication. And since we're likely to want a sketch map at least,
>copyright does become important.

Donald Oddy

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