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Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 19:04:36 GMT

In message <20050523163858.65326.qmail_at_...> Jane Williams writes:

>> I know who this Lunar commander is, and why he's been forgotten.
>> There's a character in my story on the Wiki - Danbal.
>Of course! So that's what happened to him! Poor sod,
>he's cursed or something, isn't he?

Not exactly cursed, he's just the ordinary man struggling against the bureaucracy of the army. Bit like the US soldier who had his demob cancelled at the last minute and then found the payroll dept. had stopped paying him. Danbal doesn't do anything particularly right or wrong, he just finds circumstances conspiring against him and everything that looks like a break turns sour.

>Got as much chance
>of getting home as Oddyseus, only he's no hero.

Odyseus had also done something to deserve it.

>> If you're interested Jane, I can write Danbal up
>> five-six years on in this position.
>It's more a question of whether Merlin Cox is
>interested. Let's put a summary together of this, RR's
>ideas, and mine, and throw it at him as one of the
>interesting rebel bases he was after. And if he
>doesn't want it, we don't do the detailed work.

Fine, it's going to depend on how much space he intends to allocate to each base in the publication.

Donald Oddy

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