RE: After the fall

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 19:11:05 +0100

> In a game we had some time ago, we came back to WW after the
> seige,

Oh, perfect! Someone agreees with me that it's Cool, and has already done it!

> heading a group of engineers as Starbrow had ordered
> it to be restored to it's former glory.

Do you happen to know why she wanted this? (I'd ask myself, but her email address has an out-of-office reply at the moment)

> The underground tunnels had been used to ferry in supplies
> (and ferry out the wounded) during the Seige.Some were in a
> terrible state of repair, and became the first task for the
> builders/engineers (so timber and stone could be ferried in).

That makes very good sense.

We've said "there are tunnels", but got no further. Do you happen to know more about them? The only ones I know of are natural, a pot-holers dream, and flood when it rains, and even there I have no maps. I just know that area is one where no-one ever goes, in 1620, so this can't be the route you're talking about.

> I don't know where we bot this info from, (probably made it
> up) but the structural damage to the interior of the city was
> not too great, it was the walls, ramparts, gates and tunnels,
> tracks and roads that were destroyed.

That fits what RR and I are discussing off-list (get back to you with results, we seem to be moving most of the temples around and planning the magical defences).

> Most of the interior damage was actually done by Bryon's
> troops when they returned to evict the Lunars !

So the Lunars occupied it? And then Broyan pushed them out?

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