RE: Re: The Ruined - New file uploaded to whitewall

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 08:09:05 +0100

> The epigram is Anglo-Saxon, you may need to install a font like Junius
> or Junius Modern (both on the web)to view it properly.

Why bother? It displays in Courier, and is readable in such. If, that is, you know that language in the first place.  

> While I note that its flavour is a little different to other
> expressions of 'After the Fall', note that it relates a single view of
> the city sometime around 1628-30, from someone with other things on
> his mind who has not actually walked within the city itself since the
> seige.

With that in mind, no arguments with the facts expressed there.

And as always when you write atmosphere pieces, this one kicked me in the gut and told me that this *is* what it was like, and any mere facts to the contrary must be wrong! Trying to pull out of that, as it isn't helpful....

> And feedback and suggestions are *most* welcome. As always, this is a
> group project.

You *might* want to expand by giving him a view of the middle of the city, which in fact was barely touched. Those marble long-houses. Something about the pathos of personal items left abandoned - but mitigated by the fact that almost everyone left in a controlled manner, and took things they valued with them. Cradledaughter will know this, she was one of those leading them out, wasn't she? All that got left was waste, things too heavy or bulky to carry, and ghosts. Oh, and 23 bodies.

Though of course if I've had a lunar base here, and a rebel base, there may have been looting?

Dunno. Maybe less complicated to leave it.  

> And yes its Braggi again, and probably Cradledaughter. Part of the
> still very fragmentary Kallyrkarla.

Thought so!

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