Re: Jumping off Cliffs

From: Simon Phipp <soltakss_at_...>
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 13:00:02 +0100 (BST)

> > > > > Tatouth the Scout has "Fall Softly" and "Rock
> > > > > Jumping", so all the Orlanthi
> > > > > (including your vingans) should be able to improvise
> > > > > those off their Movement affinity.
> > That's something I don't like about HQ, the fact that an initiate
> of a god
> > with a Movement Affinity can use it to improvise any movement
> feats.

That is something that has come up in our Far Point campaign. One of the characters is a devotee of Varanorlanth and would rather like to get some feats from Tatouth and a few of the other Orlanth Adventurous Subcults. According to the rules, he can just pay the HP cost and buy the feat, hunky-dory. However, that seems a bit cheap to me. Should it be that easy to get feats from other subcults? If so, why? If not, what is the solution? Nobody else in our campaign likes multiple cult membership and he doesn't want to join Tatouth etc as they are not really at home in the wilds.

Roderick Robertson:

> Actually, no, they can't, not quite as broadly as you have it below.
> They can "use it to improvise the named feats" (of his/her god). I'm
> just taking the concept of "god" very broadly when I say an initiate
> of any O. Adv. subcult can improvise any O. Adv. feat from any O.
> Adv. subcult, so that a Niskis initiate can improvise "Fall Softly" -
> which is a "named feat" in the Tatouth subcult.


> So,
> > someone worshipping a goddess of graceful dance with a Movement
> Affinity
> > (Graceful Movement, Quick Step) can use that to fall from trees,
> run quickly,
> Not unless that goddess has named feats of "Fall gracefully from
> tree" (quick step *could* be argued as "run quickly" - I know that
> when going through a thick crowd I sometimes find myself using skip
> change-of-step from scottish country dancing...)

I thought of the Quick Step/Run Quickly possibility afterwards, just the kind of thing that players think of.

> > even if they don't have them. So, a devotee of orlanthcarl cannot
> fly (I hope
> > otherwise the example doesn't work) but has Devotee of Orlanthcarl
> 19, so he
> > has a 19x1.5 = 9W chance of jumping safely down from the walls by
> relying on
> > his piety/devotion to Orlanth.
> Except O. Allfather has neither Movement nor Wind affinities of any
> sort...

Yes, but the idea is to allow the Reaching Storm, or whatever it is, to help those good Orlanthi who cannot actually use Wind/Movement affinities. If I was an initiate of Orlanth Allfather, say Orlanthcarl, and I defended the walls of Whitewall in the seige and there was a dirty great storm overhead helping the defenders fly against the attackers, then I would be very aggrieved to find that it wouldn't help all pious and devout Orlanthi. The use of the Devotee of Orlanthcarl ability should be enough to tap into the storm and fly down.


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