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Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 20:32:12 GMT

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>>This is the name of the woman who Petruchio marries
>> and tries to tame in Shakespeare's comedy 'The Taming of the
>> Shrew'.
>More interesting! But do we want a shrew?

We've plenty of those at WW already, given that "shrew" is a perjuritive name for a strong minded and outspoken woman. Mind you the name Kathy is more associated in my mind with that image than one of sweetness and light.

>> Meaning: pure and virginal
>Does that work for your Kathy?
>I'm not familiar enough with the Lunar cults... But how about someone
>on the Lunar side, but *so* sweet, nice, pure, etc. that she can
>actually get away with wandering around *both* sides? Sounds like a
>healer on first glance, to me. Also sounds like too much of a clich=E9
>at the moment, but I'm sure that won't last.

Teelo Nori, based on the meaning Kathy could be a name commonly adopted on entry into the cult. Her priority is helping those suffering from the war - maybe she runs a refugee camp near WW. The only problem is that the Teelo Nori cult is regarded suspiciously by many Orlanthi - they think the cult brainwashes orphans into the Lunar way.

The only problem with this line of thought is that it gets her involved in the politics of both sides, and what's a nice girl like that mixing with rogues like Kallyr, Tatius and co.?

Donald Oddy

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