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Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 13:54:31 GMT

In message <20050712113312.73208.qmail_at_...> Jane Williams writes:

>> [Jane]
>> > I think what I had in mind here was the sort of little
>> > old lady who refuses to leave her house in the face
>> > of extreme disaster - it's a British stereotype
>> [Rob]
>> After coming to the conclusion she is 'just' a sweet old lady she
>> could at some point turn up and save the day with some stonking
>> magic that has the players going 'WOW!'
>That's roughly what I was thinking. After all, if she
>survives all this - how? She's got to have some sort
>of "protect the hearth" magic that so far she's only
>applying to her china tea-service, the lace doilies
>and the budgie. Or whatever the WW equivalent is.
>Persuade her to broaden her scope a bit...
>what is she, Asrelia cultist?

Pretty much by definition of little old lady. Affinity "Receive" includes "Hide Wealth", "Protect Secret from Discovery", "Preserve Object from Damage" and "Stop Thief".

I'd have her first run-in with the PCs as a row where they've disturbed her alynx or accidently damaged something and she tells them what she thinks of young layabouts.

Next time she's just been robbed and the PCs are expected to stop the thief. That's when they discover she's really quite nice.

Finally she's in a position to hide them when things go wrong. In fact this might be why there are no defenders found when the city falls - she hides the last ones and herself in a secret place only she has access to. Of course that's on the basis of a sworn oath never to reveal her secret with Ty Kora Tek's enmity the consequence of oathbreaking.

I can just imagine her reassuring the Vingan sent to take her to safety. "Don't worry about me love, I'll be alright, those Lunars won't bother with the likes of me". Which is true because they won't find her but the Vingan doesn't know that.

Donald Oddy

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