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Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 09:39:00 -0000

They may take sometime...

> > Kallyr
> > - Leader of the Iron Ring of Sartar
> > - Leader of Personal Household
> > - Patron to Natalina


> Also queen of the Kheldon.

Inactive though?

> And she seems to try to take on some of the responsibilties that
the Prince
> of Sartar would have (yes, that was "responsibilities",
not "authority"), so
> she'll "look after" any Sartarites who don't have any other
> of their own.

I'd agree with this.

> A lot of the Vingans see her as a cult leader,

Really? I always thought that 'cult leader' would be quite a religious role. I can see how they would see her as a 'great vingan' and role model, but cult leader? Hmmmmm....

> though she's trying to
> delegate that to Natalina.

I am unfamiliar with this character? Personaly I have assumed that the High Priest of Tarthcaer would be the 'spiritual leader' of the vingans of Dragon Pass. I have identified her as Tarosea. Are there any other interperatations of the leader of Tarthcaer?

> > - Minaryth Purple - I begin to think that he is mostly not there

I'm sure that Minaryth spends all his time (Orlanthi all) in Jonstown. I think that he wants to keep the right side of the law, and keep hidden from the Lunars his rebel credentials.  

> Agreed, though he stays in touch.


> > - Gyffur Ulfsson - I know that we have a story about him being
> > but I suspect that he is not there most of the time

No, but I suspect a reasonable sized contingent will be present, with Gyffur making apearences.

> And when he *is* there, he's trouble.

I don't think so. I think his warband are more of a problem.

> Broyan can control him. Kallyr might,

I have this reversed. Kallyr hold that banner (can't remember the name) and has his respect. Thus I think that he does what he's told by Kallyr. I'm sure she knows what buttons to press with him as well.

I imagine for the stated reasons that he will defer to Broyan, but I don't think Broyan can 'control' him. If it came to a conflict, I am sure he would choose to follow Kallyr's lead first.

> > - Orngerin Thundercape - yes (canonically)
> Canonically? I'm delighted to know it, but what's the reference?

The various warband leaders like Orngerin, Dernu and Gernu et al I think make regular visits, maybe staying for a while , maybe not. I always thought that Orngerin would spend more of his time in Sartar 'taking care of business' for the boss (Kallyr).

> > (*4) Would Kallyr offer positions on the Iron Ring of Sartar to
> > and Beneva. I suspect that she did, but Beneva turned her down.

Yes. Excellent!   

> > But what is the relationship between Kallyr and Leika?

Hate/ Indifference (Leika 'hates' Kallyr/ Kallyr isn't bothered)  

> Alters during the siege, I think. And during the years before
that, of
> course!

Maybe her views change after Beneva dies? Could take a few years, but thaws over time?

> Beneva hates Kallyr, that doesn't change. Leika starts off as
effectively a
> client of Benava's, totally dependent on her influence to have any
chance of
> getting the Colymar throne back. By 1626 Leika is one of Kallyr's
> supporters. I'm not sure when or why this changes - there will be
> things triggering a gentle shift during the siege, but how far she
> her opinion and when is pretty vague. And possibly dependent on
> action!

Maybe it changes AFTER the seige.

> AFAIK the hatred is one-sided, BTW.
> Kallyr thinks Benava has a point, but is over-reacting (her
beloved husband
> got himself killed, he didn't need any help).

I think that its more to do with the whole situation post 1613. The fall and fall of Kallai and Beneva and what happened to the Colymar, and the exile. Beneva has a few axes to grind. I think this is a lot of what poisons Leika in the early days.

> Benava's power as an Earth
> priestess is useful to WW and Broyan, so she'll avoid antagonising
her any
> more than necessary. (Except when she and Broyan have a plan that
goes "you
> take side A of the argument, then Benava will automatically take
side B,
> which is where we want her).

I think that Beneva will be slightly lower profile than that.

> And her attitude to Leika starts, at least as "silly little girl,
now, how
> can we use her?"

Yes thats interesting. What do Ernaldan women think of Vingans and other women who reject the earth?


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