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From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 16:30:35 +0100 (BST)

> Hi, just a couple of replies...
> Jane, on ILH-2:
> > That'll be very nice when it comes out (was that a
> pig
> > I saw flying past? Carrying a message, even?). If
> > you've got an idea what's in there, how about some
> > clues?
> Rory and Mark are better suited to giving exciting
> tidbits away (as
> in the Teelo Nori stuff). I'll see if they pipe up
> first!

Waiting with bated breath! (No, maybe that's a bad idea).

> > There is a small-ish Lunar unit in the field that
> has
> > just been engaged in combat. How likely is it that
> > what's left will get a message back to someone
> else
> > fast enough for them to catch the Orlanthi force
> > before they make it back to WW?
> For an exact answer, I'm afraid I honestly couldn't
> say. In fact,
> even as a helpful aside I couldn't commit myself.

Ah. A vague guess is about all I was after :( But then you give us ideas below....

> All I can say is there are many means to get a
> message back, magical
> or mundane, and it can be a risk as severe or
> minimal as the
> Narrator desires and the circumstance dictates; more
> so if dull-
> witted heroes go into any combat without thinking of
> this potential outcome. Sorry...

Well, yes, but as usual I was thinking story, and trying to be sure what I describe there is "acceptable" in GaG.

And for WWWIki background - do the assorted people in WW have to accept that messages back are the norm, and have to devise strategies to handle them, or do they accept them as a low risk but possible?

> Vexillae:
> > Now, if a unit's lare is destroyed, who
> > will notice *immediately*? All members of that
> unit,
> > present or not, I'd guess? Again, we have (very
> > limited) instant communication.

> A more detailed description of vexillae will
> hopefully appear in a
> forthcoming Lunar supplement, provisionally in the
> recently
> noted 'Champions of the Red Moon'.

OK. But if this is simply like the guardian of a heroband, I'd guess that other members of the heroband will notice? The question is perhaps whether any of those other members would be elsewhere, like back at base, and in a position to do something useful with the information?

> However, there is one point that should be noted.
> Chris et al.
> in 'Tarsh War' have a system wherein the vexilla
> lare provides a
> replacement focus of worship for units taken away
> from their own
> regimental guardians. Greg wants vexillae to provide
> that very
> focus, but as an effective nexus that draws on the
> power of parent
> guardians (rather than as a pure replacement).

OK. I'm not sure how much effect that would have here, unless you manage to take out the parent guardian?

> So while soldiers of a regiment will notice if their
> guardian 'goes'
> on the field of battle, so indeed will soldiers of
> the same regiment serving in a vexilla elsewhere.

Useful, should we manage anything that big.

> As to vexillae lares 'going', that could be more
> tricky. Naturally
> soldiers present may immediately notice ...

How about people not present? Will there be such, I wonder? Would attached non-combatants exist, and notice?

> Higher-level
> guardians themselves might form an umbrella over
> several vexillae,
> and it might be possible that these guardians
> possessed an Awareness
> function that could note if a vexilla lare was in
> trouble.

Aha! I like it!

And if the vexilla lare had an awareness function, it might notice "we're being wiped out!" and communicate it back even if it itself escaped unharmed.

I'm all in favour of the Lunars' greater organisation causing hassle to Orlanthi, and communication should be part of it. This *may* give us a hint as to how, and why?

Of course, the Orlanthi probably don't understand what's happening, or how. They just know that somehow or other, once one lot of Lunars have been attacked, the rest will know where they are, and come hunting. Get back inside the city. Fast. Pharon is on his way.                 

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