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Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 21:37:08 GMT

In message <20050722115535.86364.qmail_at_...> Jane Williams writes:

>> However... Lunars benefit from their coordination and
>> cohesiveness in magic and battle, which in the rebel
>> side is a touch... lacking.
>Except in PC herobands, of course!

Even PC herobands aren't going to have it to the level of the better Lunar units. The PCs have more flexibility but in the style of fighting they are trained for a Lunar unit will win against an equal number of PCs every time. Of course if a band of PCs charge a squad of phalangites head on they deserve all they get.

>> To destroy the symbol of that cohesion (the vexilla
>> lare), will always be a pretty prominent goal.
>Good point. Now, if a unit's lare is destroyed, who
>will notice *immediately*? All members of that unit,
>present or not, I'd guess? Again, we have (very
>limited) instant communication.
>"Beep. Beep Beep. Beeee....."
>"Third vexilla's lare just flatlined, sir. Last known
>location.... well, it's only approximate, but I'd say
>about there. So if whatever did it is heading back to
>the city, we can intercept at that gulley there."
>"Send out the wyverns."

That's assuming there's an easily accessible record of what unit's where. I'm not sure the Lunar high command has that sort of information.

It also assumes that the enemy will actually destroy the lare at the time. I suspect it will be more common to capture it and destroy it later. These are potent magical items often of a strange type, the average warband leader won't want to mess with them. PCs on the other hand may need a lesson or two first........

Donald Oddy

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