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>So, if a fast-moving Orlanthi warband hits its target, but someone
>gets away, what are the odds that their position and numbers will
>be being reported back to some Lunar commander who can move in to
>intercept, with enough troops to do serious damage? Pharon, at a
>guess, since this seems to be what he's for?

I created Pharon to do precisely this sort of counter-insurgency stuff but he doesn't rely on someone getting away quickly enough to get him information about an attack. His ability allows him to predict attacks so he gets troops present to counter the attack. As a group his hillmen are faster than the average Orlanthi warband (which is only as fast as it's slowest member) because they are very similar style of fighters but all tough veterans rather than the mix of warriors in a normal warband.

Prior to Tatius bringing him in the Orlanthi had pretty much a free reign in the hills - they could outrun troops who could beat them and outfight the troops who could catch them. Even the peltasts who are potentially as fast weren't really organised to chase warbands into the hills and were too often in the wrong place.

That's why Pharon was a big shock, for seasons the Orlanthi had got away with raiding pretty much as they liked with any actual interception being the result of luck. Then Pharon intercepts several raids in a week - that's not luck. It forces Kallyr to take charge and insist operations are planned and carried out properly. Once she does that it settles down to a routine where properly planned raids are generally successful but there's still a risk (maybe as high as 25-30%) but anything botched will probably be in trouble.

Remember it's less about responding to attack as they happen, but knowing in advance where attacks are likely and intercepting. Pharon also attacks suspected hideouts and the supply routes to WW so the Orlanthi have to defend those.

Donald Oddy

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