Re: Broyan Soprano

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_...>
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 17:18:09 -0000

> And there goes the main weakness we'd imagined for him, and fair
enough. So,
> what can we have back? What weaknesses does he have, what mistakes
does he
> make?

It would seem that Broyan's biggest weakness is the magnitude of his ambition - he's made himself the King of the Hendreiki and enrolled himself into the mythical Kodigvari. This is apocalyptic stuff on a much bigger scale than simply restoring the kingdom of Sartar. With the Pharaoh gone, Broyan is trying to fill the vacuum.

Broyan's ambitions have given him many enemies. Especially amongst the Bacofi and Sylangi tribes (even though he forced those tribes to acknowledge him as High King, they are the first to backstab him), but also amongst the supporters of the Pharaoh and of the Andrinic kings of Heortland. It leads him to make deals with extremely dangerous folk like Harrek the Berserk and the Wolf Pirates. The fact is, if you are looking for a calm and peaceful life, Broyan is a huge problem.

The biggest enemy that Broyan has is the Empire. Many Orlanthi are capable of coming to some sort of accomodation with the Empire that will preserve their wealth and position. Look at the Talastari or the highland Aggari (or many of the Sartarite tribes). Not Broyan - his ambitions are antithetical to the Empire's position in Dragon Pass. There are probably many folk in Heortland that blame Broyan for bringing the Empire down on them - and are willing to cut deals with the Empire to preserve their wealth and status.

On the other hand, Broyan's own supporters and allies are loyal, dangerous and powerful. He's rallied the most feared Orlanthi rebel warleaders and magicians around him. And even if you hate the guy and fear his ambitions, when you are actually in his presence, most Orlanthi can't help but be inspired by him (just imagine Inspire Orlanthi 4M3 augmented by his High King 17M2 and whatever he gets for the Sword and Helm - versus whatever your Greedy, Self-Interested, or Hate Broyan stat is). This is a tremendous asset at Whitewall.

Militarily, Broyan's big weakness is going to be his lack of real understanding of the Lunar goals combined with the fact that his authority is personal, not institutional. Orlanthi leaders will follow him (and maybe Kallyr - who probably functions as his primary delegate at Whitewall) anywhere. However, they are probably not going to defer to his delegates.


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