Re: Re: And another new member

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2006 12:15:39 +0100 (BST)

> > jeff268751 says:
> > "I have been roleplaying for about 30 years and
> feel I need new
> > challenges. This site appears to be the answer to
> the question that
> > I've recently set myself."

> > So I have to ask - what's the question? If this
> site, rather than "42",
> > is the answer, then it must be a good one.

> >Sorry, my first posting was a bit pompous

And, in all fairness, addressed to the group owners rather than to the group as a whole.

>Like the
> look of your group, well into medieval history, live
> in the southeast
> of England and need an outlet for my Angevin
> frustrations (HII, not
> RI!!). Work in engineering and have honours degree
> in medieval history;
> like your site about chainmail. Is there anyone near
> me in your group
> (Hengist and Horsa as well as St. Augustine landed
> almost on my
> doorstep in Thanet)? Are you more into roleplaying
> or playing
> historical roles? I'm interested in both.

Right.... sounds like you may have misunderstood this group slightly.

Whitewall is a city in the fantasy-roleplaying universe of Glorantha. This group is set up specifically to discuss that city - no other roleplaying systems, no other universes, no other part of that universe. We touch on lots of other things tangentially as a means of figuring out how the place works (the main plot-line has it under siege), but that's what we're for. You may well have many interests in common with us, but this won't be the place to discuss them. Of course, if Whitewall takes your fancy, come and join in, but I doubt if it's what you initially had in mind.

Our geographical locations are of course irrelevant for purposes of this group, but if it helps, I'm in the UK, Bedfordshire, with an interest in Dark Age history (didn't study it beyond age 13 though) and a tendency towards re-enactment. For more like-minded souls in your general area (London-ish), you might like a look at
a multi-period recreation society I'm in:
or related Yahoo Group

"A bit like the SCA only British and with less fighting" might be a fair description. "The Middle Ages as they should have been" is another. Dressing up, eating nice food, and studying by doing, though mostly at well below degree level. There's role-play involved, too.

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