Ruin: The PDF

From: Jimbruce <john.hughes_at_...>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 20:51:58 -0000

Dear All

Many of you will have seen it in one form or another - either here as a draft or in Ye Booke of Tentacles, but I am pleased to be able to make the Whitewall short story 'Ruin' available as a PDF at Questlines.

This PDF has new original art work.

The next YBOT will feature more Whitewall material, including a short story from Jane and Donald, and if you're interesting in submitting a piece on aspects of the siege, please drop me a line at

nysalor [the symbol]

I was tempted to update a few points of 'Ruin' in the light of the Durengard Scrolls, but no, let the story be. :) It is a reflection of Whitewall through the eyes of one man burdened by great sorrow, and whatever he believes, the story's epigraph is a better pointer to the true situation. :)

Share and enjoy.


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