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Sorry, I approved this one while away and on limited Internet access. Let me repeat his intro here as usual.

stuart_cogger says:
Our campaign ( is geared toward the characters participating in the siege of whitewall. having found the whitewall wiki I want to use the info as a resource...

Course you can! And welcome to the group. I'l warn you, though, that's incomplete. Quite a few areas, we worked things out and then never filled in the Wiki. I know I've been writing stories set at WW since then, and no doubt other people have been working there, too. We really ought to get together and reunite all our ideas again...

Anyway, let us know which bits you're using, and we can all help fill in.

Now, having said that, let me look at that website.... which has its own search engine! Nice!

So you're back in 1615-ish. Interesting, we were mainly working with the 1619-1621 period.


"....the majesty of the city of Whitewall, where Brand had served as
a huscarl before heading east. Brand was able to organise lodgings for the party and they soaked up the atmosphere of a free Orlanthi city for the first time in their lives. The walls of the city were shaped as the Air Rune and the patron temples of the Volsaxi and Kitori Tribes sat at the summit of the hill. "

Interesting idea on the city walls. We had plain "they go round the edges" defensive walls, with a ceremony where Broyan has to drive a chariot round the top. I wonder.... hello, the mappers out there? Could we have some inner walls, shaped like an air rune? It's a good defensive plan in any case, and the symbolism is great.

Next search?
"It seemed there was a secret tunnel that run under the Storm Walk
Mountains, from Boldhome to Whitewall. It was known this tunnel linked the two Orlanth temples but it was not known if it was still open or traversible. It was decided that Grant and Darkos would leave the city by this route. Gramper and Kirwin stepped forward and offered to accompany their friends and so the four of them prepared for this underground journey."

Wow! That's some tunnel! And yes, they make a mundane if highly dangerous journey underground, and break through into the basement of the Orlanth temple in WW, where the tunnel was previously unknown.

Well, that's one to add to our list of possible exits from WW, though from the look of the description of the route, no-one's going to be shifting armies through it any time soon. Perfect - there for adventures and stories, but doesn't affect strategy.

What do they find once there?
"Within the whitewashed walls of the city could be found trolls, and
a portion of the city had been given over to the dragonewts who built their surreal and bizarre structures there."

You know, I don't think we ever explored the Troll options all that well, never mind about Dragonnewts. Maybe they were gone by 1619?

There's a river temple here, complete with underground pools. Nice touch.

The rest of the campaign, while fascinating, isn't at WW. So, do I gather they're going back?

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