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Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2008 09:53:38 +1100

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>That's all fine and well, John, but is it any good?

I found some of the lettering in the opening credits to be quite fine. Beyond that, you'll have to wait for the full '300' (and 'Beowulf') essay. :)

BTW, after the shame of '300' and the imperfect aspirations of 'Beowulf', let me unhesitatingly recommend two ***excellent*** Glorantha inspirations ...

Battle of Wits (Muk Gong). A Hong Kong production based on the ever better manga by Hideki Mori - 'Bokku'. Set in Warring States China, it tells the story of single Mohist (to the Americans out there, that's not the same as Maoist) who takes upon himself the defence of a small city under siege. Mohism has been a special fascination of mine for a while, and is fairly central to the Ontolosna project, but that's not why I'm mentioning the movie. It's big budget historical drama, starring Andy Lau. Lots of historical detail, lots of siege ideas (attention Whitewallers), battle action (though little in the way of chop socky). lots of politicking and battles of wits and strategy (all very HQ). There are several ideas in there just begging to be turned into cults. It also offers a subversive new take on notions of hero, also ripe for campaign exploration.

The King and The Clown (Wang-ui Namja) is South Korean production set in Joseon Seoul. Its about a pair of travelling performers whose seditious comedy routines attract the attention of the Court, and what happens when the king takes one of the pair as a lover. Again, positively brimming with ideas and story potential: there's already something similar stirring in the Ironspike market. The marketplace comedy and rope escapades are pure rpg. The homosexuality is subtly alluded too (being Korean, blink and you'll miss it), but the issues of loyalty, danger and honour are very well laid out.

And despite being Eastern films, their usefulness is readily applicable to any Gloranthan campaign.



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