R: Re: Off topic romans

From: Stuart Cogger <stuartcogger_at_...>
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 08:52:30 -0000

What I have always understood about the romans is that they tried as far as possible to Romanize everything and make it conform to a model. Citizenship was the prize and had its privileges. The Roman army, epitomized by the Legions were like the French Foreign Legion in mentality. You become a Legionaire, absorb and embrace its values and culture and tactics and are gifted with French citizenship at the end of your service. It's like extreme citizenship training. Maximus in Gladiator is a Spaniard but also a Roman and an important one at that, for example.

Rather than accept diversity like the Persians and deal with the consequences, the romans created a clear dividing line between roman and other. Whilst there was clearly a hierarchy in the Persian Empire, they didn't offer the chance to 'become Persian', as far as I understand.

This to me seems to suggest that the Lunars have elements of both rome and persia in there, but surely the model for the Lunar army is the Roman army? Use of spear and scimitar doesn't make them un-roman, it makes them Lunar.

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