Lanbril in Whitewall

From: jorganos <joe_at_...>
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 20:46:30 -0000

>>> Now Jeff Richard says that Whitewall won't have a Lanbrili gang.

>>Is there any logic or suggested better story behind that idea? >>Stated as baldly as that, it's just "so? And we say there is."

> IIRC it was on the basis that Lanbril is not a part of the Heortling
> pantheon. Which makes sense, you don't get criminal gangs in a
> rural tribal culture.

You do get gangs of robbers along trade routes, even in forests. The region around Whitewall has (or at least used to have) regular Kitori and troll caravans, so I find a persisting organisation raiding these quite natural. They are associated with Whitewall, and may have traditional hideouts there, but may carry their operations elsewhere where they can plunder the camps of Argan Argar merchants. That's their speciality, similar to the Night Jumpers' speciality in fighting Kitori.

> I would agree in normal times WW doesn't have enough people to
> support a gang but once the clans gather to defend it in 1620
> there will be a horde of support people - merchants, servants
> and so on. Along with them will come thieves and other dubious
> characters. With the leadership concentrating on defending the
> city they won't have much time for dealing with a crimewave
> and sometimes they will want someone to do dubious jobs for
> them.

When Hardrard the Green made Whitewall once more the seat of the Volsaxi King, there was sufficient population in Whitewall to allow a permanent presence there.

"Criminal activity" against fellow Volsaxi (but from different clans) may be in keeping with Heortling mores... It isn't the core of their operation, anyway. And it is quite possible that the same gang operates in Smithstone.

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