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>They might have connections to the sources of Cavalry Corps units, which
>includes Alehandro Count of Spol, and through this perhaps even Yolanela.
>Still no Dara Happan connection, but aiming high. Probably not openly
>connected to the rulers of Sylila (due to the rivalry over who controls
>Provincial Affairs between HonEel's and Hwarin Dalthippa's successors),
>but Fazzur may have earned the enmity of the Phargantites for building up
>those contacts.

I'm sure there are all sorts of contacts and connections but probably not formalised as being part of the association.

>I would expect that there was a breaking point when Fazzur drew the
>family business (and Orindori connections) away from the Royal Tarshite
>fortunes, but that is hard to detect - Fazzur appears to have been
involved in the scheme that led to Estal Donge's seduction of Temertain.

That might have been the trigger - getting the King's wife to seduce a foreigner is hardly likely to go down well in the Royal family. If Fazzur is blamed for that it will be the origin of the view that he betrayed Tarsh.

>I suppose Tatius' appointment as Provincial Governor is the most
>likely breaking point. This might leave a couple of leagues with
>ties to both Fazzur and Moirades.

While it is possible that it's a single Association which breaks into two I'm inclined to see the situation as two Associations all along.

>Given that JarEel is a product of the same "genetic" tampering as
>was HonEel, their focus may have shifted to supporting the
>super-heroine/Inspiration of Moonson, leaving the Tarsh section
>more or less as a locally-led money-gathering enterprise. They
>would have been behind Moirades ascension as King of Dragon Pass,
>and may have been backers of Philigos.

I see the Association as having backed all the Lunar Kings of Tarsh and trying to control Sartar too. Jar-Eel is the next step for conquering Kethaela.

>The Assiday association heads the Reaching Moon temple building project,
>and probably not for the first time, which will mean a number of highly
>specialized leagues.

At the present time, yes. I think those Leagues are going to be so specialised (e.g. Magical Architects) that they switch to whichever Association is currently doing that work. Of course getting the job requires an Association to be acceptable to those Leagues.

>I would expect they also are involved in the Lunar race for the sea,
>given Euglyptus' role in the Building Wall Battle.

I can't find any reference to that. Did that happen before he became military governor or after?

Donald Oddy

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