Three Lunar Associations

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Here is what I've got so far on the three Associations with some of their Leagues. For the most part they are unnamed as I haven't had any inspiration for them. I've been working from KoS and TiF for the most part but referring to ILH1&2 and Dara Happa Stirs for some bits.

Fazzur Wallenstein

Fazzur is head of a War League in an entirely provincial Association set up to imitate those in the Heartlands. The Association has many Leagues scattered across Holay, Vanch, Tarsh, Aggar and Imther. Of particular note are the League of Horsebreeders based in Jillaro, the Dwarf Friends in Imther and the League of Pawnbrokers in Vanch. There are also Leagues of textile workers and metalworkers in both Holay and Tarsh. The Assocation has an office of Vanchite merchants in Glamour but they struggle to achieve any influence as they are excluded from the social networking which is dominated by Dara Happen nobility.


The throne of Tarsh has been controlled by one Association since Hon-Eel married into the family. Moirades is the current head of the Royal League although his son Pharandros has been the effective ruler since 1610. Moirades's wife, Estel Donge, is from the League based in Dursa which Hon-Eel established and specialises in her the worship. She has set her husband on the magical course he now follows to the neglect of his mortal duties. Meanwhile she has switched her attentions to Temertain, Prince of Sartar, so that Sartar and Tarsh can be united under the benevolence of the Red Moon. The Association has considerable influence in Glamour and until 1607 controlled the CoM which allowed Moirades to learn what he needed for the magic he plans.


The Assiday family provide the diplomacy function to one of the oldest Dara Happen associations which vie with each other for control of trade and imperial favour. Currently they are one of the most successful with merchant leagues holding several crucial monopolies in Raibanth and Glamour. While the merchant leagues are based in Raibanth they also keep an office in Glamour to be near the Emperor. At the time we are talking about Tatius is based in Glamour, both to oversee the office and run the Colleges of Magic of which he is dean. When the current mask of the Emperor ascended to the throne in 7/36 (1607) Tatius arranged for one of their leagues to provide servants to the Emperor. This is expensive but the cost has been well repaid in political influence and favours. This was partially because Tatius was prepared to laugh at the Emperor's jokes. Most Dara Happen nobles found them deeply offensive for challenging proper behaviour and roles.

One of the first benefits was Tatius's appointment as Dean of the Colleges of Magic. Tatius had been a competent but uninspiring student a decade earlier. Once in charge he shook up the organisation retiring some professors while favouring those who were capable of new thinking. He also enforced more strictly the obligations for military service which had been allowed to lapse. In spite of some resistance he won over many people by smoothing the flow of resources into college projects.

Probably the biggest weakness of the Association is that it has few leagues based in the provinces and those existing are for the purpose of providing resouces unavailable in the Heartlands.


For a nobleman he is unusual in that he understands trade and administration as well as politics. He is neither a great general nor a powerful magican. As a general his answer to any problem is "hit the enemy with thrice what they have". As a magican he takes good ideas and organises the resources necessary to achieve them. He will share the credit if the originator co-operates but ruthlessly destroy the reputation of one who does not. Loyalty is a commodity to him. If he wants your loyalty he will pay the price for your oath. Keep your oath and he will be generous, break it and suffer tenfold in this life and the next.

Comments and further ideas welcomed.

Donald Oddy

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