Re: Three Lunar Associations

From: Rob <lamorak33_at_...>
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 13:58:14 -0000


> I don't want to speak about "ignorance" here. There is nothing published
> that lays down the politics....

I agree with Joerg. The detail of the Politics is best left vague so that individuals can tailor the specifics to their campaigns tastes.

Here is the technique I used for politics in my Whitewall game (no rocket science here folks, so excuse if I am teaching granny to suck eggs) With my campaign I listed out the known characters and then thought up conflicts between those characters that I could insinuate player characters into. Most of this was extrapolted from stuff that had been in Tradetalk, Wyrms Footprints, conversations at cons, on the net, private email discussions and anything I thought would make a darn good yarn.

I then set some scenario's (thanks Bruce, Jane) against this backdrop of seige and hotbed of scheming politics. This resulted in one of the players being thrust forward as leader of Whitewall when Broyan was incapacitated following the defeat of the Crimson Bat by Kallyr Starbrow outmanouvering her foes.

As you can see Starbrow was a heroic character in our camapign. She may be a force for evil in other peoples. Flavour to taste.

Regards, Rob

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