Re: Re: Three Lunar Associations

From: Joerg Baumgartner <joe_at_...>
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2009 09:15:10 +0200 (CEST)

Another late delivery, by Chris Lemens:

> Donald, responding to me:

>> I don't think there is any plan to break free of the Empire
>> but there will be scheming for influence with the Emperor. Both
>> Hon-Eel and Jar-Eel remain loyal to the Emperor throughout.

> I still like the idea. The Emperor is a composite demin-god anyway,
> because of how the Egi work, right? So, the association and family want to
> influence the Emperor by being part of the next incarnation. And by making
> the Emperor dependent on their breeding program for super-heroines. Sure,
> Hon-Eel and Jar-Eel remain loyal (well, until Jar-Eel falls in love), but
> the breeding program couldn't have reached its end-goal yet.

I agree - the Lunar Empire is just a step on the Lunar Way, and not its goal or end. As it ceases to function as a tool of progression, devout Lunars may start to look for new answers and solutions beyond the Empire.

As long as they are not actively weakening the Empire, such activity may be tolerated (by the Emperor and his bureaucracy) or even encouraged (e.g. by Great Sister).

Since for many interest groups these new solutions may mean old solutions, I expect all the slightly lunarized native cultures of Peloria to pursue their own brand of getting a better (and Lunar) society, be they Rindliddic bird breeders, Moonboat-makers, Syanoran (Lunar, but not imperial) priesthood, or some of the more reasonable (and thereby more dangerous) White Moonies.

Note that JarEel is going to deal with the White Moonies, and that she is going to do so by philosophical debate rather than military action. In the absence of a Moonson that can be inspired, she might pursue goals coinciding with those of her progenitor association.

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