Sleeping through the darkness

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>In message <397749.36566.qm_at_...> Jane Williams writes:
>>> All you need is a bit of Ernalda magic - the trick Ivarne Frozen Woman
>>> used to survive the Darkness until rescued by Heort.
>>Ernaldan magic, here used by what seems to be a predominantly male
>>group? Could be, I suppose. I can't remember what that trick was: do
>>we know?
>If it's Heort's hall then his wife should be there - the speaker just
>didn't mention her.
>The snag is that if there is some Ernaldan magic like this it is going
>to work on women only. There ought to be - surviving death through
>sleep is a basic Ernaldan myth.

Here's something which might fit for Ivarne. As told by an Ernaldan priestess. It's less about surviving the cold than preserving the clan.

There is a way for one threatened by unspeakable foes to escape though the sleep of death. She must be a priestess of Ernalda strong and wise in the ways of the Goddess. After spending what time that is available in preparing herself the priestess lies on the altar and falls into sleep. A tomb is dug under the altar of Ernalda's temple and the sleeping priestess is placed therein whereupon it is sealed up with the due prayers and sacrifices. With her is placed her spindle and such items of the clan regalia as are fit and proper for a woman to handle. Often the clan warriors will die to allow time for the ritual to be performed. Once it is complete those who remain throw themselves on the mercy of their enemy or take up arms to defend themselves as they choose. Thus may a clan be preserved even against total destruction for the priestess remains alive until a hero quests to reform the clan and awakens her. By marrying her he becomes chief and she can teach their children the clan traditions though even a thousand years may have passed. Her spindle and the clan regalia enable her to find the clan wyter when she awakens.

I expect children includes adoptees as otherwise it's a lot of babies for one woman to produce enough for a viable clan.

>>> Of course, that implies you have a rescuer (who will marry the
>>> rescuee afterwards?). Which might be the task of a player character
>>> (in either position).

Marriage into the clan seems to be an obligation for the rescuer.

Donald Oddy

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