Re: Smuggling weapons from Prax to Whitewall?

From: Stuart Cogger <stuartcogger_at_...>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 18:51:50 -0000

Routes for things like this are notoriously circuitous, even bizarre, in the real world. I can't help but draw upon the break up of the former Yugoslavia for inspiration in depicting the events in Heortland from 1617-21. In the chaotic break up of the Holy Country I would expect plenty of would-be warlords to hoard weapons and armour and then sell them on. As previously mentioned, the biggest source of weapons and armour is from the fallen. Between Greymane, Wolf Pirates, Lunars, Sartarites, Heortlings and Rokari, the region would likely be awash with the trappings of war. A route out of the Holy Country through the Marcher Barons up the eastern side of the Stormwalk Mountains and then through a little known pass to the Troll Woods and then smuggled into Whitewall. Kit could change hands multiple times, moving from one trader to the next - wouldn't it be ironic if it went through the hands of the Krarsht cult? Sounds feasible to me - arms deals are some of the shadiest, tackiest and nastiest transactions you will ever come across. This kind of illicit arms trade sounds like the sort of thing that the city of Refuge was made for!

Sounds like a mini campaign to me...I always thought that my PC's would have to arrive on the back of some large shipment of food/weapons etc just to get the credibility they would need to participate fully in the siege.

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