Re: Smuggling weapons from Prax to Whitewall?

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Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 21:38:43 GMT

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>>> Given my extreme draw length, I prefer the 6 foot self bow (I don't
>>> own a longbow reaching up to the top of my head) to the 4 foot horse
>>> bow for lateral stability.
>> I only draw 26", so less of a problem. What's your draw length? 32" plus?
>32" I can manage by bending the elbow a bit. 33 to 34" is better. (Mind
>you, after 30 shots in rapid sequence, pulling that length from a 70 lbs
>(effective weight at that draw length) self bow gets really hard. There is
>that reason for limited ammo in military archery, too...

Isn't one of the advantages of a composite bow the greater draw length for the same bow size?

>Direct, aimed fire as displayed by Orlando Bloom's Legolas at Helms Deep
>is the heroic exception. Volleys into advancing masses are the standard.

This reminds me of the demonstration of I saw of this type of archery. Rate of fire and distance were impressive but there was no attempt at accuracy. The "target" was about fifty yards long by twenty yards deep. Fine for hitting a unit of troops in close order although I'd expect at least half the arrows to fall between the ranks or bounce off shields and armour.

There's also the question of whether Orlanthi archers are trained for this. I've always thought of Orlanthi archers as primarily huntsmen who use their bows in a skirmish role. Nor do I see there being enough of them to create effective volleys.

Then there's the matter of ammunition. If a hundred archers fire thirty arrows each in a few minutes that's a wagon load of arrows to be made and transported to WW. I can see the Lunars having trouble moving the volume and they have a proper supply organisation.

Donald Oddy

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