Re: Re: Hi, I see there is an upcoming WW book

From: Adrian <smudge1_at_...>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 14:08:53 +0100

Rob wrote:
>> Lord knows that despite ILH-1 and ILH-2 I still don't see many
>> Lunar campaigns.
> I wonder if a reason for that is that for years the Lunars were the bad guys, the guys in black hats. And what great bad guys they make.
> Still, I bet loads of folk get grand ideas and motivations for NPC's from ILH1 & 2, even if they are not running Lunar Campaigns per se.
> Newt has written a few scenarios based around Lunars. I ran one of his at Continuum. Last Seen in Pavis. I ran it for Nick Brooke as well, which was, ahem, interesting to say the least. He played a sexually liberated Taraltaran mystic!!!
> Cheers, Rob

I'm running a Lunar campaign at the moment. Well lunar-ish as the heroes have all been exiled to the edge of the Upland Marsh but they still hold to their beliefs and values. I think its going pretty well although you should ask Jane for an opinion as she has a character in the game. Just don't tell her other, Lunar hating PC in Balazar ;)

Cheers, Adrian

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