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Date: Thu Mar 29 04:14:45 2007

In message <> Jane Williams writes:
>I'd originally intended to buy all the MRQ books - but
>I expected that to be about three of them. As it is,
>I'm looking very carefully at who's writing what, and
>which bits are rules rather than background. Some
>authors are far better than others, and it looks like
>as a Glorantha-phile and rules-phobic, most of the
>books will be a complete waste of my time and cash.

I was planning on buying all the background books with maybe the rulebooks later. However when I saw the second magic book (animists) and couldn't see anything that hadn't been published elsewhere I concluded it wasn't worth fifteen quid. As Trotsky said the second age book is good which gave me hope for the rest. The theist magic book has some cults only mentioned elsewhere but is expensive for that bit. Nothing else I've seen has warrented more than a cursory glance.

Donald Oddy


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