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From: Greg Stafford <Greg_at_FKVJbnoAy4Nv_ayrf64MQoftBE4t1dmElvv3WauLhxFLftDmxKypd77E-uBNBeuyvXW7u-t>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 19:28:42 -0700

YGWV Quoting Michael Hitchens <>:

>> The only deity from the Celestial Court that is alive AS ITSELF is
>> Uleria. According to Orlanthi philosophy, the others were broken into
>> bits, ground up, pulverized and scattered in molten droplets
>> everywhere to become part of the Everything World.
> I'm just nagged by the Kargan subcult of Humakt. How was the Kargan the
> sub-cult is named after?

It is a word that means something like "Fighter" or "ar Guy."

> When did he/she live? Any chance that it is
> some very weak fragment of Kargan Tor still retaining some individual
> identity?

YGWV, so yes of course.
But I myself don't see it to be such.
Humakt, Zorak Zoran, Shargash etc. are better repositories of portions of the Celestial Court God.

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