Re: Barntar: Son of Orlanth?

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Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 12:40:07 GMT

In message <> "Mark Galeotti" writes:

>Yes and no; for a start, wartime DP is an unusual situation. The
>Lunars are essentially interested in destroying the cultus of
>Orlanth, the religious institutions. If an Orlanthi says he's
>actually a worshipper of Barntar, but is still sacrificing to
>Orlanth, etc, then he runs the risk of being caught as such; even
>more so if he is still fighting the Lunars. If he secretly still
>venerates the Big Rebel but on the surface only follows Barntar,
>sticks to farming, etc, what do they care? Sure, extirpating the
>inner belief would in due course be a Lunar objective, but for the
>moment, crucifying godar, smashing armed resistance and persecuting
>overt displays of Orlanth-worship are the priority.

It strikes me the Lunars have more than enough to do just with suppressing what they can identify easily. I get the impression they are mostly acting against clans and tribes rather than individuals. So while the clan ring might be questioned about their religious beliefs the typical carl probably won't even be asked. If he were a reply of Barntar won't be queried. How many Lunar theologans are able to distinguish between Barntar and Orlanthcarl anyway?

I'm sure there are missionaries who are trying to convert individuals but while some clans will get flooded with them in most there won't be enough to visit every stead. The women will be confusing things as well. I expect many Ernaldans are quite happy to attend 7M services and promise to bring their husbands "Next time, when he isn't so busy with the sick cow" or whatever excuse comes to hand. They don't believe that Ernalda is She Who Waits but why argue with these foreigners who imagine she is? It keeps them happy and their soldiers and tax collectors off our backs.

Donald Oddy


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