Re: What magic does the Red Emperor use?

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YGWV valkoharja wrote:

> > The Emperor has three sources of magic.

I commend Peter on his analysis. I would call these sources as the: Personal
Supernatural (maybe divine)

> Fascinating stuff! Too bad there isn't enough material out about the
> egi

The makeup of the egi is mysterious even to the Lunars, even to the emperor himself. There are rumors that membership changes.

> or the masks (not to my knowledge anyway)

Please see The Fortunate Succession for details.

> for me to model the
> emperor for my game through that route. I'll have to go with broad
> abilities and general power levels.

I think these are sufficient, myself.
Just remember, too, that the emperor generally is surrounded by power. When you read the description of the Sartarite chiefs (Kallyr, Hofstaring, etc) in the emperor's tent, in KoS, it is useful to know that NONE of those effects were the result of the emperor's own power, but by his "standing defenses." Well, maybe those would be described as part of his institutional power.

> One thing I've been thinking about is his skill with the elements.
> He's obviously most powerful with the lunar element, but what about
> the rest? As the emperor he should have serious solar power, and no
> doubt command over the young elements.

Yes, he could do those things. More likely, he would delegate it.

> The most obvious blind spot would probably be storm. Old sources talk
> about lunar inability to work on the element of air, I seem to recall.

This is a shortcoming, though of course there are storm gods in the religion, as well as the solar religion.

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