Re: Grimoire/Adept nodes

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Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 13:16:16 GMT

In message <> "Paul Albertella" writes:

>So what are these adept nodes? Are they the same as the grimoire nodes
>that [HQ] refers to? And if so, why does [AL] say that they're on the
>Spell Plane, while [HQ] says that they're on the Saint Plane?

I'll suggest that the Saint Plane is the same as the Spell Plane. Different terminology used by different people. Wizards from religious colleges call it the Saint Plane while sorcerers call it the Spell Plane.

Same with grimoire nodes and adept nodes. Depends on whether the perception is that the adept who created it is still somehow associated with the node or whether it's seen purely as an otherworld place for the grimoire.

Donald Oddy


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