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><>> Greg Stafford writes:
>> >The Orlanthi are fortunate that they are also the bearers of truth, of
>> >honor. So they will go where their god tells them to go for honor. Now,
>> >honor is not a universal trait---it differs between the Yelmites and the
>> >Orlanthi, for instance. But Humakt doesn't give a fig about Yelmite
>> >honor, just Humakti honor. Which is the same as Orlanthi honor. Lucky
>> >for the Orlanthi!
>> Is that true across Glorantha or just in Maniria?
>Is what true across Glorantha?

That Humakti honour is the same.

>> Discussions of Carmenian Humakti have indicated they have a completely
>> different definition of honour.
>I am unfamiliar with these discussions.

I'll try and find time to post a link. They were on the Glorantha digest some time ago. And as others have pointed out ILH1 gives Carmenian Humakti affinities that don't include Honour which I'd assumed was followed the general conclusions of that discussion.

>> >Now, though they are not precisely a part of their local Heortling
>> >society---the clan or tribe---they nonetheless work for that society on
>> >a different level, as hinted above. The mores of Humakt are the same as
>> >those of the people who worship Humakt (and everyone who participates in
>> >the religion of Ernalda and Orlanth worships him.)
>> This maybe my Gloranthan varying but I see Humakti having closer
>> links to clans than just as warriors. They are also called on for
>> rituals involving death - Harvest Day, Slaughter Day and Death Day.
>Well, officially, Harvest Day is a womens' holy day, so the Humakti
>would b on the outer ring, guarding it from outsiders.

Ooops. I meant Reaping Day.

>They may well oversee Slaughter Day.
>Death Day, being Humakt's own High Holy Day, is of course led by a
>Humakti, if on is present. Otherwise, an Orlanthi godar will do fine.

I'd have expected Ty Kora Tek to substitute in preference. Closer magic unless sexism gets in the way which doesn't seem appropriate given that both men and women can follow Humakt. I agree any godar and even initiates can substitute at need.

Donald Oddy


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