Re: Carmanian Darkness Cults

From: Benedict Adamson <yahoo_at_IguVhwsCxQUS9Qw-of7bQ3fXNyelbl4FDd6Nj7KTHMjNTAb1Jb9__JScJbV07k_pnFP8Vw>
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 21:54:06 +0100

I asked:
> Which darkness cults, if any, do the Magi permit Carmanians to worship?

Greg replied:
> None.

[Kevin McDonald pointed out the references to Carmanian darkness gods in the extant description of the Battle of Four Arrows of Light.]

My question was prompted by some references that also indicate darkness cults. In particular, Glorantha: Introduction to the Hero Wars, page 120: "The Carmanians used to worship gods of light and darkness... both are pure--they exist uncontaminated by the Lie... Before they were converted to Sedenya the Carmanians maintained a balance between light and dark, worshipping neither one [contradicted by their worship of IdoVanus]...". Gregged! The description of the Carmanian Pantheon in ILH-1 makes no mention of this equal-handedness.

The extant descriptions of the 'evilness' of the Carmanians make much of their use of Darkness magic. I guess we must discard those as no longer canon too, since it is one thing to exaggerate the monstrosities of an enemy, quite another to try and brand them with accusations that make no   sense whatsoever. A situation I prefer, as it makes the triumph of the Lunars over the Carmanians much more morally ambiguous.            

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