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Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2007 10:04:40 -0500

This thread made me curious so I Googled Vivamort. Lol and behold, Simon Phipp has a sorcerous version of the cult on his site:

rob t.

On 12/2/07, valkoharja <> wrote:
> Interesting ansvers Trotsky and Jeff. Food for thought. Thanks.
> Plenty of scope for me to play with "vampire grimoire" in my sorcerer
> game I think. I agree that vampirism, like other forms of chaos takes
> many forms. A vampire basically has a particular type of spiritual
> wound, and is clinging on to it's existance by feeding on the
> lifeforce of others.
> Many ways to do it, I'm sure. Many tragic tales of how each particular
> type of vampirism has started, and many people seeking the state for
> the corrupt power and ageless half-life that it brings.
> -Adept : who likes the vampires of Glorantha because they are proper
> monsters, instead of the "dark nobility" of White Wolf.

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