Elfs - a guide to the aldryami

From: Keith Nellist <keithnellist_at_lKcRNkUT71NF8sjQz27vhjTjs849IO7nBL5DGzyj-68Z2uxQ2BCd0Ol9qRr38Hm>
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2008 11:06:00 -0000

I got this for Christmas and have really enjoyed it, although I haven't taken it all in yet. Most of it is a really entertaining read, some is a bit Mongoosy RQ rules.

It is split into three parts. Part one is allegedly by a certain Lograch the Chronicler who sent his researchers on many expeditions to find out stuff about elfs. I liked the fact that he instructed his 'researchers' to do stupid stuff to elfs - made me think of Paranoia style adventures with the players as Lograch's hapless research team. Lograch also reminded me that I once thought it would be useful/fun to compile a list of Gloranthan scholars and their areas of interest. All those footnotes and stuff from Glorantha ephemera listed somewhere. Anyway, the meat (or veg) of part one is the history, culture, myths and philosophies of the Aldryami. Excellent.

Next up, which I will call part 2 but is titles Elf Communities, is a way of intorducing some scenario type material, by giving background for the Arstola forest, the Tallseed Forest, and the Errinoru jungle. This seemed a bit old school to me, but nothing wrong with that. I'm afraid I did laugh at a couple of names. I don't know what they eat in the Tallseed forest, but I read Fartreader as Fart Reader, and Faritin Leafheal as Fartin' Leafheal. Also, for fans of RPG urban myths, there is a Gazebo. This might be a nitpick or I might be wrong, but I did not think the Aramites started turning into Tusk Riders until the Inhuman Occupation, sometime after the collapse of the Third Council. Even if I'm wrong I think their rituals with elfs would be sappy rather than bloody.

The jungle has some good scenes, but is less detailed as would eb expected for such a huge area. I missed the reference to the Sparkling Runners that were used by the Godlearners as the most beautiful pets in the world but that is just because I used this obscure reference from Missing lands for a dutch tulip craze/judge dredd singing plant/animal rights protester scenario in my Second Age Hero Wars founding of Pavis game.

Finally, part 3, playing the aldryami is a bit too rulesy for my taste and I cannot comment on how well it works in MRQ. There is good advice on playing elfs, although I found myself thinking that the red elfs sounded the most fun, either for a one shot HQ game, or some sort of beer and pretzels game (kobolds at my baby style) or even some sort of board or card game (Slorifing - the Sporing, Slorifings - gotta catch em all)

I've just realised that there are really 4 parts - part 4 being Aldryami religion, allegedly written by godlearner Revary Hirsul. I haven't read this in much detail - but it looks OK on a brief scan.

The artwork is not to my taste - I prefer line drawing and I think the cover is too green. Bring back Luise Perrin. But, it's by no means the worst art to grace a Glorantha product.

I also got the Dragonewts book. I'm meditating on that.


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