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Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2008 17:32:50 -0000

Donald Oddi:

> The Sky Dome is literally that. So given a normal dome
> shape the highest part is probably about 4,000 - 5,000 km above the
> surface. That would give an angle of 45 deg. at the extreme north or
> south. However the extremes are not habitable by ordinary folk so the
> lowest it would appear would be 55-60 deg. and that's in the north of
> the Lunar Empire while on the southern coast of Genertela it would
> still be at an angle of 75 deg. south.
> However if the sun is directly overhead in Dara Happa (which makes
> mythalogical sense) it would be at an angle of 60 deg. north from
> the south coast and about 30 deg. over most of Pamaltela.
> So we do need some explanation for why it appears directly overhead
> across the lozenge.

You're assuming that the edges of the sky dome (and the Gates of Dawn and Dusk) are not far outside the edges of the mortal world. I recall Sandy years ago saying that, in his Glorantha, the sky dome is at *least* ten times wider than the mortal world, which is essentially a tiny patch in the midst of the vast (mostly water-covered) Lozenge. I've no idea how true that is in Greg's Glorantha, but it would solve the problem rather neatly - or, at least, greatly reduce it.

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