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Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2008 23:23:10 GMT

In message <> "ttrotsky2" writes:
>Donald Oddi:

>> So we do need some explanation for why it appears directly overhead
>> across the lozenge.
>You're assuming that the edges of the sky dome (and the Gates of Dawn
>and Dusk) are not far outside the edges of the mortal world. I recall
>Sandy years ago saying that, in his Glorantha, the sky dome is at
>*least* ten times wider than the mortal world, which is essentially a
>tiny patch in the midst of the vast (mostly water-covered) Lozenge.
>I've no idea how true that is in Greg's Glorantha, but it would solve
>the problem rather neatly - or, at least, greatly reduce it.

Well nearly all the published maps show Pamaltela having no southern coast and Genertela no northern one. Discussions about the northern and southern edges of the maps talk about strange edge of world phenomina. So the assumption that the edge of the sky dome are also the edge of the world is reasonable. As far as east and west are concerned it could be considerably further to those edges although ten times would give a very elongated dome. Alternatively it could merely appear to be ten times further because distance is distorted as you travel there.

Donald Oddy


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