RPG books in NYC

From: Pedro Federico <pfhegoburu_at_h_TRa0qcAJXFRm8_X53Xo2bPe4zxTmM5hLK5XgOrZDbRn5F5aBXadq01l4Cg756_L>
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2008 23:53:08 -0000

Hi guys,

I will be spending a week in New York City and wanted to know if there was any good bookstore that I could visit.

I mainly focus on Cthulhu, D&D and AD&D, Runequest. I'm also interested in Babylon 5, Star Wars, Vampire and Werewolf.

If anyone can suggest a good place or THE place to visit, I will be most thankful! Don't forget to mention the address. ;-)

Thanks in advance!


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