Re: Pre-historical artifacts

From: Jerome Blondel <jeromeblondel_at_GAK5O1eUbUIwY_jv5NoScUOFhEQrCHner40-EvFr0DUNv4uU4s6vR-Hc5yW3gz>
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2008 13:09:58 +0100


bryan_thx :
> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Did any physical objects survive the Great Darkness and pass into the
>> Historical World, or were they all destroyed by the tumult of the
>> Great Darkness or migrated into the Other Worlds with the creation of
>> the compromise?
> Things must have, because not all of the survivors were reduced to
> nakedness!
> More, we know that certain constructions survived, aren't the walls of
> Alkoth from pre-time for example? And some of the hill forts in
> Sartar possibly as well?

There's the Gods Wall, and the head of Kagardu on Mount Jernotius.

Some items have been brought back from the Otherworld, the Addi comes to my mind.            

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