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Shoot, isn't Glorantha LOADED with pre-historical artifacts? In the Dragon Pass area alone you have the caves of Snakepipe Hollow (the Earth temple, that giant turtle guy, etc.), the Giant's Table, the Rainbow Caverns, etc. That's just a few things in one tiny part of Glorantha. Prax has a number as well, such as the Block, and several of the Oases are based on things that survived the GD.  


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More, we know that certain constructions survived, aren't the walls of Alkoth from pre-time for example? And some of the hill forts in Sartar possibly as well?

I would suspect that pretty much anything still around in the third age which does date back to the pre-darkness would be revered and holy, in some way. If nothing else it has a lot of history (1600+ years since the dawn, who knows how many during the darkness). Also simply to have been preserved for this long would normally require that it be special. (I suppose it is possible that some such have been hidden for all that time, I don't know if those would all be 'magical' or not.) I would guess that most durable artifacts which survived those times ended up in somebody's holy regalia, as a link with their ancestors or cultural heroes.


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