Re: Consequence when breaking the caste taboo's in rokari society

From: Gregory Privat <gloarmy_at_ZjpkB0VTq_Ifoah-TLgHPGgwXtlqanbjBkTq8NQvLb99tghfG4728diD8OQK79tIKjII>
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 03:30:08 +0100

> >If you want to arm them with bladed weapons then I'd suggest
> sickles and
> >scythes.
> The problem with these is that they are too specialised a tool to make
> good weapons. The sickle's angle of use is wrong and it is too short -
> the cutting part of the blade is only as far from the hand as a decent
> knife.

 > put a long haft to your sickle and you get a nice hook to get that armored knight down to the ground.... keep it there with your reversed scythe (now a man catcher... a cuting man catcher), or with raw number, and the decent knife will cut his throat


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