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YGWV Nicholas Pagnucco wrote:

> Also, I assume the various invading groups (Dara Happans, Alkothings,
> etc.) were the city lords who built the towers. The original Darjinni
> settlers, being animists, would have come up with other ways of
> appeasing the Aldryami than building towers as stone trees, correct?


> An underlying theme in the HQ books I've read seems to be that urban
> society is inconsistent with animism.

It is not a cosmic law, but is one of those "it usually works this way" kind of things.

Animism deals with the individual local entities, usually of Nature. Urbanism tends to destroy those things.

But it is certainly possible for an urban landscape to become repopulated with urban spirits. But this would take time, and other forces would be on hand to compete for the spiritual market. But in big old cities, especially, you will probably find urban shamanic groups.

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