Sartar's magic and his dynasty (Re: A few Sartar questions)

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_5dtbsVBKm8RBh-ZRJjHZO_tGRQ-qhdbdQL80C9cH0x_AWfbfHE-shxnQlPMTDAb5SZpW>
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2008 14:50:02 -0000

> > "Sartar was an heir to the Hendriking "old ways". He went to Dragon
> > Pass for this purpose, with a long-term plan to go to the homeland
> > (or for his descendants to do so) and rescue them from the
> > oppression of Belintar."
> Actually, I read this as an "Other Way" strategy to create a more
> civilized version of the old ways that would eliminate the need for
> Belintar installing puppet kings.

A more Hendriki version of the old Heortling ways and bring justice to the tribes.

> Heortland had been tributary to the leader of Kethaela since before
> the Dawn. Belintar simply replaced the Only Old One. For reasons I
> don't quite understand, there seems to have been resentment that their
> darkness-loving former tyrant was about to be displaced during
> Belintar's wars with the Only Old One.

The Only Old One didn't have much to do with Hendriki affairs. He had little or no involvement in their internal affairs, took a rather small ceremonial tribute, and had certain magical functions. Belintar took direct involvement in the affairs of the Hendriki, appointed governors, deputies and agents to rule them and demanded worship.

> BTW, years ago Greg stated in a panel that Sartar was a hero of
> Issaries. Should that read "a hero working to the ends of Issaries" now?

I don't Sartar was an Issaries cultist. But that isn't incompatible with being associated by some people with Issaries.


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