About the Only Old One and Belintar. Also Esrolian mythology.

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Lot's of great stuff there Joerg. I just wanted to comment on the above.

According to History of the Heortling Peoples the Only Old One seems to have quite an important place in the mythology of the Heortlings. He is described as the being that made all the ragged survivors work together during the Greater Darkness, and in effect the beign who made the Unity Battle happen!

Additionally, I get the feeling that the lands of OOO didn't do at all badly under the demigods leadership. Much the opposite. This has made me wonder.

Is Belintar supposed to be a a bad guy, a good guy, or just a powerful adventurer who saw his opportunity and took it. How does the history as told in the Holy Country explain things so that Belintar isn't the bad guy in the story?


I also have some trouble understanding how Imarja fits into the picture. The mythology of Esrolia seems completely independent of everything I've read before. They have their own creation myth, their own reasons for the Darkness and even their own story of how they made the sun rise again!!

How does this fit? They worship Ernalda, Orlanth, Elmal and all those other familiar gods and godesses. With those gods and godesses comes mythology and explanations about how the world was made. They even had strong God Learner influence along the way.

How am I supposed to reconsile the Imarja stories with that?


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