Re: About the Only Old One and Belintar. Also Esrolian mythology.

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Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008 14:50:42 -0000

Here's the thing. The player is very interested in magic and mythology (as well as cultural stuff). He wants to explore the Issaries side of Lightbringers, heroquest and for the character to become if not a hero, then a companion of Heroes.

So yeah, a heroquesting fool.

The character is an Issaries goldentongue devotee, who is focusing on being a member of the Lightbringers (mythologically, that is). He has used this connection to learn feats from Orlanth (leaping shield), Lankhor Mhy (can read, also an analyze magic feat), Chalana Arroy (stop bleeding), and even Flesh Man (spirit ward). Oh, and he attracted the attention of an Eurmali bondsman of a orlanthi thane, and ended up with a one use "lie" feat.

Thing is, reading History of the Heortling Peoples I get the feeling that Orlanthi cult is very much suspect in Esrolia, and joining them on a punishment raid into Wenelia and learning an orlanthi feat is a much more dubious thing to do than I thought it would be.


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