Re: Thief Saints and Caste

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_oXeoiDcE1aelC7bYRQMB_9y6GKuFrYGPFmK88jUa6gZcDHBUUPqkV8fVGRjVzbUHZUQ>
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 12:06:26 +1300

At 12:04 p.m. 11/01/2008, you wrote:

>I'm probably showing my inexperience again, but are there traditions
>of iconodules and iconoclasts in the West?

The Rokari have a tradition of iconoclasm which probably means the Seshnegi have a tradition of iconism.

--Peter Metcalfe            

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