Re: About the Only Old One and Belintar. Also Esrolian mythology.

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Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 09:18:29 -0000

> According to History of the Heortling Peoples the Only Old One seems
> to have quite an important place in the mythology of the Heortlings.
> He is described as the being that made all the ragged survivors work
> together during the Greater Darkness, and in effect the beign who made
> the Unity Battle happen!

Yep - and remember until Belintar came along, the OOO was still there at the Palace of Black Glass. He could be contacted, consulted, and negotiated with. When all the other members of the original Unity Council were long gone, the OOO was still there.

> Additionally, I get the feeling that the lands of OOO didn't do at all
> badly under the demigods leadership. Much the opposite. This has made
> me wonder.

The OOO didn't really lead or even rule as we understand it. He was a sovereign and magical figure who had little (if any) control over the various tribes and cities of Kethaela. He facilitated communication between the tribes and races, but he did not rule the lands.
> ***
> I also have some trouble understanding how Imarja fits into the
> picture. The mythology of Esrolia seems completely independent of
> everything I've read before. They have their own creation myth, their
> own reasons for the Darkness and even their own story of how they made
> the sun rise again!!

Yes. But that is not necessarily incompatible with following the religion of Ernalda and Orlanth, or with other cults. Imarja's magic (and myths) are of a different kind and nature than that of the Great Goddess - and her myths and ceremonies accordingly have a different perspective.

One way of looking at it is that Imarja is a Common Religion - rooted in The Everything World of Esrolia. Ernalda is a Great Goddess and rooted in the Divine World.

Another way of looking at it is - don't be such a God Learner!:) Myths defy rationalisation, they are sacred truths and experiences and not bits of material data to be categorized, synthesized and rationalised.


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