Re: Good Tricksters, Hare? Greg SEZ:

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_NG6uObFCgO3aDqPnWfhTFTUrjK8l3CnngwlYoxky6JqqQQtNx-0Wt-k2uH3kahZBMANHejJp>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 15:46:45 -0000

I think: - in Orlanthi society, the people who worship the "Normal" gods (so excluding Eurmali, Kolatings, Secret Chaos worshippers and Lunar converts) are (Orlanthi) All people are initiates Of those that aren't (1 in 7), they are (Orlanthi) all Devotees. Of those that aren't they are your Disciples (this gives a ratio of around 85/13/2 for Initiates/Devotees/Disciples).

However People who are called to the Trickster (already a small number) are (Orlanthi) All Disciples. Those that aren't are (orlanthi) all devotees with the remainder being "only" inititates. So your chances of meeting a Eurmal initiate is about the same as meeting a Humakti Disciple (Which, roleplayers being what they are is probably rather higher in a game than it would be in Glorantha! (in both cases!)).

I mean Initiating to Eurmal, but not progressing to discipleship is saying "I'm going to follow Eurmal, but not to the extent of doing any of the seriously wacky and self-destructive stuff" - which is an eminently sensible point of view, but proves you are not really trickster material...            

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